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Zombie Apocalypse & The Horde [Dec. 19th, 2010|11:05 pm]
The Zombie Society


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[music |The Kinks - Lazy Sunday]

Ive added two more zombie films to my collection. Brief reviews are posted below for anyone crazy enough to be interested.


There are two basic types of zombie films, the really good well made ones and the absolute stinkers. Zombie Apocalpse breaks the mould by not quite managing to be either. For an independent production its clearly quite well put together but even though it manages to lift itself head and shoulders above the stinkers it rarely threatens to actually become any good. Its surprising that the film can be so consistently average yet is even more unsatisfying on some levels than films which truly suck. At least with the really bad films you can point at them and laugh at how dreadful they are. This is not a dreadful film (by zombie standards!) but its so mediocre it feels like it is.


This is a French Zombie film and manages to carve a little space for itself as it distinguishes itself from the pack. The film-makers have tried for something a little different by setting the first part of the film in a cops and robbers type genre - until hell (more or less literally) breaks loose. A disparate alliance of cops and gangsters are forced together to try to fight their way out of a block of high-rise flats just as the neighbourhood has gone zombie. I think the film that it is most similar to is REC, but while it isnt quite that good it manages to remain very much its own beast and is worth a look.