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Monster Planet [Jul. 26th, 2010|12:04 am]
The Zombie Society


[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |The Enemy - We Live And Die In These Towns]

This week I have been mostly reading: Monster Planet by David Wellington

This is the third book in a promising but slightly underwhelming trilogy. WHile the original take on the zombie apocalypse should be welcomed the further the story moved away from the zombies (and towards undead wizards and such like) the less enjoyable I found it. By the end of the trilogy this could have been any fantasy novel, anywhere, the zombie component relegated to a backdrop.
The third book held together slightly better than the second but like the Matrix trilogy were both poor compared to the first installment. The one thing the third book did have which I thoroughly enjoyed and think could look fantastic on the big screen was an epic final battle with zombies, sprinting ghouls, mummies, undead wizards and a werewolf (among others). That was a bit of a giggle, but not enough to save the book or the trilogy.